Homemade Airguns

The Gas, Air and Spring guns below are projects made by individuals
frequently with limited tooling. Parts from airguns, scrap metal, plus
bits and pieces for wherever are often utilized. The objective is to
design and construct each project along with having fun.
The name or identification of a project may be as unusual as the project.
If no reference to another builder appears with the notation, is a
project, by Ron Sauls.

We extend an invitation to each HOME BUILDER to allow us to post
a photo and details of his project. Please, advise by E-mail that you are
sending a project(s) to be posted. Postings will be removed by senders
request or as space requires.

No commercial airguns or airguns with only sight or valve modifications.

We are available to modify your air rifle or air pistol for effect or cosmetic requirements
per your request. Please, write, a good clear description of requirements. See our
Repair Page for more details.

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A touch of antique and modern is express in the breech loading air rifle. The .22 cal. Brocock 38 TAC,
tandem air cartridge, delivers 600 feet per second. About 90 hours of attention after work over a six
month period were required for this project.
Mikayla W.  Asheville, N. C.

Stainless tubing 36" long, +/- one oz. of CO2 from a 20 oz. paintball tank supplied by steel and brass pipe
and elbows give the push to the 704 grain projectile. A GOLF ball that travels a quarter of a mile down range.
A "FUN" project.
Mikayla W.  Asheville, N. C.

Bull-Pup Crosman metal receiver, 2260 barrel, 2240 frame and grip. `02

8mm pump
Abed Issa

         interchangeable .22 & .25 barrels
Jeff Dobric

John Au

18mm rifled barrel, a 20 oz. paintball tank

John Matthews

The Bugblaster


The Bugblaster a CO2 powered unit that can be
added to several airgun models by Martin J. from UT

A key chain airgun firing a .177 cal Brocock cartridge.

The key chain air pistol and pump by Jeff D.

Another repeater by John A. from HI

John's repeater hold 18 shots and the velocity is in the mid 700s.

A .177 cal rifled barrel, breech loader
the first by Pete

This is a .177 cal, breech loader
also by Pete

      Crosman 180, 400 and
other models combined to make CO2 target pistols.
Steve Joseph & Wendal Coe, Mi     

POP GUN  A cork shooter
Grant Stace, New Zealand

Crosman MK-ll Carbine
Grant Stace, New Zealand

Rear Sights replica of the Falke model 80
Grant Stace, New Zealand


Whiting - Webley spring pistol Model 1910, .177 cal.
Grant Stace, New Zealand

A Gem .177 cal.
Grant Stace, New Zealand

Custom Webley .22 cal.
Grant Stace, New Zealand

Fire 201 pistol,. fires 21.6 grains of baracuda's at 630 fps.
Marco, New Zealand

The Dooper is a .22 single shot, bolt action PCP
The main body is made from 7075-T6 Alloy and the stock
is Tasmanian Ash wood. It has a reservoir of 430cc and can
be adjusted to shoot Beeman Kodiaks to 980 Fps.
Great attention was given to the manufacture of a fully
adjustable 2 stage trigger.  The let off is very, very sweet.
An old Browning .22 barrel of 20.5" was used and is capable
of consistently shooting bottle tops at 40 mtrs.
This is a one inch group.
Tony Redgum, New Zealand

Three from Down Under
#1 The DEMON, an air/electric powered, BB cal, Three shots from 100 psi,
       4X32 scope, shrouded barrel and Fake suppressor.
#2 The SHOGUN, an electric/air powered .38 cal (9.652 mm) ball ammo, Shrouded
       barrel and a Red Dot Sight.
#3 The BANDIT, an electric/air powered .40 cal (10 mm) round ball, blowgun darts are
       also fired, 19" barrel. The barrel extension brings the length to 43 inches.
Scott, Australia

A 20 mm Air Rifle
This Home Made may soon be in production.
That is 1005 grain pellet fired at 715 fps. Many pellets
fired at the Little Rock, AR show were completely flat, like lead disc.
The quarter gives and idea of what a .7874 bore really is.
Bob Dean, AR

Lukens Air Rifle Copy
Hank Elwood & Martin Orro, CA
Several other photos available at :


The Avenging Angel
A shortened Crosman model 1861 now in .22 cal. The safety has been removed. The
large CO2 knob has been reduced in length and dia. A new front sight was fabricated.
William Griffin, Cypress, CA

  Parts from Crosman , copper, PVC, etc., along with ideas and effort became this cane.
The22" copper shroud houses a .177 cal barrel. The model 700 action provides mower
and loading from it's tap.
Ron Mundale, Maiden Rock, WI.


This .32 cal smooth bore filled to 40 bar fires 8 shots at 60 ft. lb.
Marc Pril   Netherlands

A Diana 20 with a RWS butt plate installed. A downsized transfer port. A Slavia 618
receiver fabricated into a trigger housing with a Haenel 2 way adjustable trigger assembly.
The piston rod has been shortened and the barrel crowned. Now called my RWS-7.
Beginning with a prewar EM-GE "Krone" (Crown). A chunk of the same Slavia 618 receiver
also use for the trigger housing and the Haenel 2 way adjustable trigger again used. A solid
bras end cap. Rear sight is from a Diana 20.A homemade trigger guard. The recontoured
and refinished stock is from a Daisy 130.
John Becker, Rolla, MO.

Trapdoor Springfield
A Crosman valve and other parts with lots of hand work form this single shot CO2 rifle.
The trapdoor lifts to load BBs.
Dave Buennemeyer, Chillicothe, IL.

Like the Springfield above the Henry is hand crafted using Crosman and
other parts. This is a single shot .22 cal CO2. I understand the maker now has
completed a repeater version.
Dave Buennemeyer, Chillicothe, IL.

Southern Half Stock
The half octagon, half round .30 barrel can be breech or muzzle loaded.
The back action percussion lock drives a striker through the drum and nipple
area to open a Crosman 1100 valve. The cap at the bottom of the, cosmetic
only ball, allows the use of a 12 gram CO2 or bulk-filling. Set triggers, patch
box, trigger guard and all other fittings are steel.

Ball Dart
Originally intended to fire .380 cal cone shaped darts with a variety of tips.
Proved a good shooter with round balls too. The trigger, trigger guard,
sights, hammer and Crosman 150 valve are form the spare parts bin.
The barrel, receiver and stock were constructed from scratch. The ball is
removed to charge with CO2. A lever on the right side opens and closes
the tap for loading dart or ball.

St. Lwei
Copper tubing house a Crosman model 1400 valve, pump and 781 rifled barrel. The straight pump rod is tipped by a knob from an old fishing reel. A magnet tipped
bolt is used to allow firing both BBs and pellets.


M - 600 -16
A Crosman model 600 is the heart of this project. Crosman A.I.R.-17 and official M-16
parts were added for appearance. A longer barrel, extended CO2 tube filled at the
front of the forearm are again from spare parts. Firing capacity remains the original
600 magazine of .22 cal pellets.

A visit at a friends shop turned up a damaged Remington 1100 stock and forearm
in the trash can. An evening was spent fitting these to the boys Crosman. A Crosman
logo was placed on the recoil pad.

The Shillelagh
Intended to be a smaller dia. cane, but, the lathe shut down. So the cane became
a large stick. African walnut houses a Crosman model 700, tap loader with and
extended barrel. The maple tip is removed for firing. The maple head is removed
to insert a 12 gram CO2.

Flint Pump
The .22 cal brass barrel that is unscrewed for breech loading.  
The center mounted hammer with steel flint strike the frisson to
open the Crosman 760 valve.


Muff CO2
The .25 cal barrel unscrews for breech loading. A 12 gram CO2 and valve
are housed in the in a shortened section of a Crosman 150 tube.

Bro-Chester '99
A single shot .22 cal Brocock Tandem Air Cartridge is fired by the thumb trigger
located at the rear of the receive.

Merrill - Ensign - 45
A non-gun copy of a 1911 45 ACP is fitted to a barrel and breech
to fire the large Ensign Compressed air cartridge. The cartridge is
partially ejected as the barrel is lowered.

Spring GUN
A combination of parts from several spring guns combined to form a new
creation. Pellets are loaded by a swing tap located above and behind the
pivot of the under lever. The vernier tang sight was completely constructed
maker. A take down tool is held in the pistol grip.
John Becker of Rolla, MO.

Thin Cane (finally)
The head and shaft separate to load a .22 cal Brocock Tandem Air
Cartridge. Removed for firing the muzzle cap also serves as the cocking
lever (tool).

Flea Market Find
Part this and part that. The .177 cal barrel appears to be from a Benjamin.
The trigger is from a double action revolver. The valve has been guessed
as many things, though no exact origin is known. An automotive type Schrader
valve is mounted in the rear of the pump tube. A furniture style right angle
bracket holds the wooden grip. Solder and brass indicate a long term of
Maker and Age are unknown.

Remington Rolling Block
A Crosman 622 barrel, valve and CO2 tube. Loads from the breech.
44" over all.
Dave Buennemeyer, Chillicothe, IL.

Over & Under Derringer
A Crosman 338 valve and piercing screw. A 352 barrel.
Dave Buennemeyer, Chillicothe, IL.

Kentucky Rifle
A full length walnut stock holds the 36" .40 cal barrel.
Pumped to 1000 psi  this a patched round ball reaches ate 650 fps.
John Ford. VA

Rocket or Harpoon Gun
The handgun is made of brass water pipe fittings,  a 10mm
copper barrel, an exhaust valve from a brass end cap and a
rubber washer. A blowgun trigger is used. It is pressurized
from an auto tire. .38 cal round balls are also fired.
Lowry, Auckland, New Zealand

A spring Gun from China
Such a good shooter the owner added a stock of nice figured walnut with
cheek rest, add a Scheutzen trigger guard and butt plate, plus much labor.
Ron Mundale, Maiden Rock, WI


The combination of parts forms a new look for fun shooting.
The paintball Co2 tank is attached with and housed in some interesting
household items. The attachment of the two stocks ate the rear of the
received proved a challenge.
Ricky Davis

Begun as a percentage increase of a Crosman 160. The 1 1/4 tube was
fitted with a valve and trigger, .32 cal smooth bore brass tube, fired from a
vise, awaiting a .32 cal rifled barrel. A year later, still waiting for the barrel a
modified Saxby-Palmer Insign stock was attached.
Jeff Meier & Ron Sauls

A low pressure airgun
A .56 bore muzzle Loading 59" overall butt reservoir airgun. Operating at 200 psi the .44 caliber
138 grain saboted round balls are ripping through two pieces of plywood at 20 yards. Alum., Brass,
Copper and an unusual piece of wood were used in construction.
Jim Elder  Florida

Miniature Airguns
The model 100 pistol is less than half scale. At 4 5/8 inches overall it has a .093 bore. Each
part scaled to match, requiring 400 hours of LOVE and labor.

The model E is one half scale. Tom be completed before test firing is the front sight, pump
rod bushing retaining screws.
Jim Williams

Click the pictures for a bigger view
Large Pistol
Sporting a 3X9-32 scope, 15" barrel it evolved from a Daisy model 880. The dark grip
is formed from pine. Modifications reduce the trigger pull, prevent slack and over travel.
Shots at seventy feet are quite acceptable.
Ken  of Louisiana

Pump Air Rifle
This roughly 1.1m long gun has a 95cm long smooth bore barrel which can be
changed to suit whatever caliber pellet required. A .25 pellet is preffered
and after 5-7 pumps (using modified bike pump under the barrel) it gives a
10-12 foot pound shot (English legal limit). Pressures inside the chamber
are at around 9-10 atmospheres after 5-7 pumps. A fun gun to make and fire.
Mr Anonymous (a.k.a. Mr X) of England

Two for One   
This .32 cal pistol is also a .32 cal rifle. The twist know at the rear of the Alum.
receiver allow the each ball to be loaded just in front of the rear sight. CO2
pushes the ball at 450 + from the pistol barrel and 550 + from the rifle barrel.
Tow Watters. PA

Custom 1100
Peter Ruut

An extended barrel and stock are just some of the additions of this Crosman 600.
Peter Ruut

Double Barrel
A .380 cal, 84 grain ball leaves either barrel at 420 fps. Shot is also fire from either.
Crosman tubes hold modified SSP-250 valves. Barrels are 20" long. The frame with
single trigger and safety is located centrally below the pair of 3/4" breeches.
Calvin Lewis. FL

Request Builders details, please.

More photos of John Ford's rifle.  

Semi Automatic
The bolt locks when for fired, stands open after the last round. Twelve oz. of Bulk-filled
CO2 allows a full day of shooting. Normal power setting averages 720 fps. High setting
reaches 780 fps.
John AU. HI

A Cane
Richard Guffey. Calif.

BB pistol
Richard Guffey. Calif.

Three cylinder revolver
Richard Guffey. Cailf

.38 cal pump maker unknown
owned by, Richard Guffey. Calif.

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